im truly one of the worst people you’ll ever meet

oh man..i really like how it looks on a bag


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no……send me requests seriously..

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my requests are open

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Okay sweet potatoes!!

Listen up please

Things are going to get really really bad around my house financially and I’ve finally convinced my dad to set up my PayPal up properly.I’ll not bore you with the details of that.

But I’ll be setting up a donation button my my blog after it’s set up. So I urge you guys to donate whatever you can because all of the money will be going to putting me in the animation school I want to go to. 

I’ll fill in the details later but I’m opening my requests right now!You can request anything that’s not nsfw! It can be from Sherlock or any anime or Doctor Who or whatever!

It’ll be amazing if you could request a thing which could be made into a product on redbubble because at the moment, considering how busy I am with school, I can’t do commissions. So creating merch on redbubble will be the easiest way to earn some money! 

Thanks for listening ; v ;


It’s raining and gross out.


hello hello!

I’m going to be taking AN ENORMOUS BREAK from tumblr because I’m going to be completely engulfed by school books and french and art classes this year.

I’ll be available on my twitter(twitter app being nicer and not as social justice-y)..Link is on my blog!I’ll be posting stupid doodles and things there more frequently!

I’m working on a LOT OF SHERLOCK stuff and will update this art blog as soon as I can so fret not my precious crumpets!

I also, might start a queue on my side reblog blog so you might want to follow that if you want to see my tag rambling and trash weeaboo-ness and gay children………..

I hope you all have a good day and IM GOING TO MISS YOU ALL!! 

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Tiny Free! thing


raisintheta gave me this writing prompt-Rin finds an abandoned puppy while on patrol and takes it home to nurse it back to health

"Ugh" groaned Rin "Patrols are so boring.Why can’t someone get robbed or murdered or something?" 
"Hmmm," replied Sosuke,his eyes fixed on the police handbook laid open in front of him
Rin scoffed at him. “Are you actually reading that thing?It’s just full of protocols and rules.Just theory.”
"Theory is important .You should read it too."
"Because you’ll need it.You need to follow protocol.Being strong and sharp is good,but you need to know that kind of stuff too.What happens when you’re in a  tough situation and you don’t know what to do?Do you want to get it trouble for not following the right protocol?Criminals have literally gotten away on that kind of stuff,you know"
"That won’t happen." said Rin
"And why not?
"Because I’m always with you,and you know all the rules" smirked Rin
Sosuke was about him to give him a witty (and probably insulting) reply,when Rin’s expression suddenly changed..He was staring wide-eyed at something behind Sosuke.
"What the hell are they doing?" he said angrily ,opening the door of the patrol car and rushing out of it.

"Wha-?" Sosuke watched Rin,perplexed.He was running across the street to what seemed to be a group of children playing.They were standing in a sort of circle,with 2 of them kneeling,doing something that Sosuke couldn’t see.Rin approached them,yelling angrily,
" What is that idiot doing?" said Sousuke,still thoroughly confused.He got out of the car and jogged to where Rin was.

"Rin what on earth-" he began,but then something else caught his attention.It was the small thing that the children had seemed to be occupied with earlier.It was a little puppy,with a sleek coat and warm brown eyes.There was a rock attached to it’s tail.It was lying on the floor,it’s tiny head cowering under its paws,like it was scared and trying to protect itself.Sosuke suddenly noticed that a few of the children were holding sticks.Realisation dawned on him,and he knelt down to untie the rock from the poor creature’s tail,while Rin continued yelling at the children.

"How can you be so cruel?!," he shouted 
"If I ever see you hurting a poor defenseless animal again,I’m gonna throw you all in jail,understand?" 
"You can’t do that,we’re just children," said one boy cheekily 
The children quickly dispersed,quickly getting as far away as possible from the scary,shark-like police officer.

As soon as the children had left,Rin bent down to the puppy.
"Hey little guy" he said gently "You’re okay now." He held out his hand,beckoning it.
The puppy seemed to realise that he was not one of the mean humans that would harm it.It got up and shyly approached Rin,who noticed that it was limping.He placed his hand atop its head and softly stroked its fur ,ruffled its hair and scratched its ear.The puppy brightened up immediately,wagging its tail and licking Rin’s hand.

"It’s pretty adorable," laughed Rin,when it licked Sousuke’s face as he bent down to pet it as well.
"Yeah it is," said Sousuke,grinning
"It’s injured,though,so one of us should took it home and look after it…," said Rin
"Yeah…," agreed Sousuke "Which one of us though?" 

In split second,both of them were on their feet,their hands out in front of them 
"Jan-ken-pon!" they said loudly,moving their hands according to the words
Sousuke’s hand formed a scissor,while Rin’s was clenched tight into a rock.
"Dammit!" said Sousuke,while Rin pumped his fist through the air
"This always happens." he grumbled 
Rin grinned and picked up the puppy,holding him gently in his arms
"Let’s go,loser," he said,the grin still stuck to his face "I need to show this little guy his new home."

Reblogging pages the pages I did for the birthday collab comic for johnnybooboo!All of the characters are hers! 

Marije helped out a lot with the backgrounds on this page!

Read full comic here!

Reblogging pages the pages I did for the birthday collab comic for johnnyboobooAll of the characters are hers!  

Read full comic here!

Reblogging pages the pages I did for the birthday collab comic for johnnyboobooAll of the characters are hers! 

Read full comic here!